Let’s dive in PUNJAB UNIVERSITY ONLINE EXAMS, the most interesting topic for the students.

Punjab University, one of the prestigious institutions around Pakistan. It is one of the largest universities in terms of Area and usually considered as at 2nd number in terms of Academic Records.

Owing to the scenario of coronavirus, all the activities of examinations in traditional/physical mode were halted. The policy for online assessment as well as a mode of examinations i.e. quizzes, assignments, mini projects, subjective, objectives or MCQ’s, etc. have not been finalized yet. As soon as, the examination dates and mode of examinations are finalized, it will be communicated through digital and print media.

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And, the more recent response from Punjab University spokesman is,

The Punjab University spokesman has said that the university has not taken any final decision regarding the conduct of online examinations of the candidates so far. However, he said, there are some suggestions and recommendations which were under discussion and consideration. He said that due to the scenario of coronavirus, all the activities of examinations in traditional/physical mode were halted. He said that the policy for online assessment as well as a mode of examinations i.e. quizzes, assignments, mini projects, subjective, objectives or MCQ’s, etc. have not been finalized yet.

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But before going to further details we wanna make it clear that there are only two ways now either Online Exams or Cancellation of exams by promoting to the students on the basis of Quizzes, Assignments or previous records

Why Online Exams?

As it is mentioned earlier that it is one of the largest universities in Pakistan and due to this increasing pandemic situation, some of its departments take the Online Exams seriously. Because if it is not taken seriously still then it will too late to repent.

There are many chances of Online Exams at Punjab University. because the current situation is not seeming to be controlled in the near future. Some medical staff said that it can take about 6 months to 1 year to change the routine to normal. So, they can not take the risk for the students.

Steps taken for Online Exams

It is to seem that Punjab University is also going to take exams online. Because at their official website, they asked their students of BA/BSC to send them the data. The following information is to be included in the data,

  • Email Address (Only GMAIL Accounts)
  • WhatsApp Number
  • Mobile Phone Number

Punjab University BA/BSC papers were already late. So, they took this decision. Let’s see what happens in coming future updates about the Online Exams.

Official News about BA/BSc (Updated)

The students of B.A./B.Sc./Associate Degree in Arts/Science Part-I & II are however directed to update their email id through website www.pu.edu.pk so that till the time of finalization of policy for assessment the data of email addresses be readily available.

Punjab University Law Department Online Exams

There was a meeting held between the Vice-Chancellor of Punjab University and Principals of all Law Colleges affiliated with it. As course outline was changed first. But as teachers are not able to cover that new outline in this situation. because the online class is just a formality, as per the students.

So, Punjab University VC decided to change the outline to the old one for the easiness of students. And, in that meeting, it was also decided that Punjab University Law College students of 1st year will take their exams online.

The next meeting of Punjab University VC and of all principals of Law Colleges is expected to be on May 21, 2020. The final decision will be taken in this.

The patter of papers yet has not been confirmed. But, it is a decision taken by VC to take exams online of PULC 1st year students. Also, the 1st year students of all Law Colleges affiliated with Punjab University will go through with it.

Punjab University Bcom Exams Online

B.com exams were already going to be late due to current condition. As students were not able to cover the course outline.

To avoid further loss of students, Hailey College of Commerce also took this decision for the Online Exams for the students of B.com. It is decided and has not announced officially but there are almost 80% chances that the exams will be held online.

According to the decision taken by authorities, it is decided that Online Exams will only contain MCQs and for some departments, it is decided to attempt 100 MCQs in 40 minutes.

If this is the case then there will be no chance of cheating for the students and other actions that are discouraged by Universities. Because time will be too limited to attempt the paper.

Keep connected here with us for further announcements and decisions.

All other institutions are also preparing themselves to handle this situation. Allama Iqbal Open University also decided to extend the Admission date to apply online. They also extended the date to submit assignments to the tutor. Other universities like UOL, UCP, and other universities are taking this situation into consideration.

We will update the information as any new information will be released from the University for any Department here. Keep visiting it or subscribe to it so that you may get all the latest news about it right in your email inbox.

News about the cancellation of Exams

There are some news trolling over the social media about the cancellation of exams. Many of the students are considering the news true and taking them serious. But, we wanna make it clear for you that there is NO SUCH TRUE NEWS FROM OFFICIAL SOURCE.

You should not believe them at all. There is no such possibility for such actions by universities.

Rather than you should prepare yourself for the exams. Onething is clear that every university will take exams whether the online or offline.

In both case you should have to cover your course so that you may able to take exams when University will announce the date.

Some official sources are stating that in some departments of programs it may happen that students will be promoted by their previous academic records without taking exams or if not this situation comes then there are much chances of online exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Punjab University really going to take exams online?

Yes, there are most of the chances that Punjab University will take the exams online. Although it is not announced officially by the university it is collecting the data of BA/BSc students for this purpose. In the next 2-3 weeks, it may be decided as a final decision for online exams.

Will Punjab University Law College take exams online?

Yes, it is confirmed by university officially that 1st-year students of PULC and All Law colleges affiliated with Punjab University will take the exams online. Yet, the pattern is not confirmed officially but soon it will be announced. The next expected meeting of Punjab University VC with principals of law colleges is on May 21, 2020.

Why Punjab University is collecting data of BA/BSc students

As it is mentioned above that Punjab University is taking the matter of online exams for the students of BA/BSc serious and gonna collect the details of students. Students have to provide their Gmail Accounts, Phone Numbers and WhatsApp Numbers.

How can I provide the data of BA/BSc to Punjab University at Online Protal?

Well, it is pretty much easy to provide your details. You have to go to the official online portal where Punjab university is accepting the data of students. After opening the link you have to enter your details like Registration Number, CNIC Number, Date of Birth after this you will easily update your information at the portal.

What is the last date to send online data to Punjab University?

Last date to send the online data to Punjab University is May 10, 2020. There are much chances of Online Exams for BA, BSc, L.L.B (Part 1), B.com and other programs. You have to submit your data online on/before May 10, 2020.

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