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Are you looking for a tutor for LAT Test Preparation or seeking LAT Test Academy Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi, or any other city?

If you are! Then you are in right place.

Here we provide the best Tutors for your Law Admissions Test conducted by Pakistan Higher Education Commission HEC.

Preparation for LAT Test 2021

Believe me, it is not going to be tough if you want to prepare it from your core heart. It is not a big deal to tackle this test. But, preparation for your LAT should be tricky. It is a smart work game, not hard work. The following are some of the major portions which would be considered in our session.

  • General Knowledge guidance
  • Pakistan Affairs
  • English
  • Vocabulary
  • Essays
  • Personal Statement

These are 6 major portions by which preparing them you can easily achieve high marks in your LAT. Scoring 80+ would be really easy for you if you follow our guidelines.

LAT Test Preparation Strategy

To prepare for your Law Admissions Test 2021, you just have to grab 1-2 hours daily. The mode of classes will be online and all mentors will be available to you.

On this bench, 200 students will be entertained as per the limitation of our Teachers and Seats. Admission will be granted on a come first, get the first basis.

Every day, as per the time of the test, you will be given a test to solve. Every Student has to solve it and submit it on time.

Perfection is our guarantee. Every week there would be a session for students regarding Tips & Tricks for your LAT. The following would be included in the session for discussion. And, also these are some major portions of the LAT Test,

  • LAT Test Essay
  • Personal Statement for LAT
  • How to attempt LAT
  • Time Management

It is for the students who are continuously searching for LAT Test Preparation Academy in Lahore, LAT Test Preparation Academy in Islamabad, etc.

Where to Join Academy for LAT Test Preparation

In Google Classroom, you (all students) will be able to join the academy online for LAT Test Preparation. You will be able to,

  • Send your solved test
  • Ask questions
  • Join Lecture

So, you can enjoy all the features there to start your LAT Test Online Preparation. You just need a Google Account which is broadly known as GMail to join this class. Your privacy will be also completely secured. There are no separate classrooms for boys and girls but nothing will be allowed except LAT Preparation.

LAT Test 2022 Preparation Fee (LAT Academy Fee)

Our fee packages are really reasonable and maybe every student can afford it. If you are going to join a complete LAT Test preparation session then your fee package will be different from those who want to join Virtual Academy for 1 month.

Full Session fee: Rs. 5,000 (50% waived off)

For this session, the admission fee for the whole session is only PKR 5,000 and this is 50% off. Our last session was conducted at the fee of PKR 10,000.

Note: There are only 200 seats. Admissions will be on a come-first, get-first basis. You need to make sure that you get your seat booked as soon as possible.

You may also ask this question,

How to pay the Fee for LAT Test Academy?

Payment method is superb easy for everyone. We accept JazzCash, EasyPaisa, Bank Transfer as payment methods.

Where to find the best Academy for LAT Test Preparation?

Law Admission Test by HEC is announced now and there are a lot of academies in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi, or in any other city. But, LAT Academy by Edudictive is really a leading one in this field to start preparing right now.

Can I get 70+ in LAT Test?

Yes, you can achieve this score easily by preparing well for the exam. You just have to practice the MCQs and take mock tests regularly as much as possible. There are some students who got even 80+ by joining our Academy.

How to join Academy for LAT Prepartion Online?

Well, if you are interested to start your LAT Test preparation 2021 then you may send us a message over our WhatsApp number given below,

Contact Us

You can join our Online Classes for LAT Test Preparation by sending us a text on WhatsApp. Click on the button and send us your details. After receiving the fee, you will be added to the Class Room.

If the button is not working correctly, you may send us a text on WhatsApp right here,

+92 336-000-1083

Ask your Question

You can easily ask your questions in the comments below. Our team will try their best to promptly help you and will answer your questions as soon as possible.


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