International Islamic University Islamabad IIUI Admissions (Last Date, Fee Structure, Merit, Programs Offered, Documents Required & Apply Process)
International Islamic University Islamabad IIUI Admissions (Last Date, Fee Structure, Merit, Programs Offered, Documents Required & Apply Process)

IIU Admissions 2021 are now open for all undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs. International Islamic University Islamabad – IIUI opens its admissions twice a year, spring Admissions in November and December while fall admissions in June and July. Fall admissions are now open at International Islamic University. The university has published an official notification about the admissions.

International Islamic University – IIU is a government sector University and it is situated in Islamabad. It was established in 1984. Its old campus is near Faisal Mosque while the new campus is in sector 10 Islamabad. International Islamic University is recognised by HEC and awards its degrees on its own. According to QS world ranking, International Islamic University is ranked #351-400. According to Times Higher Education World University, international Islamic University is ranked #801-1000 in the whole world.

Islamic International University – IIU was established with funding from inside Pakistan and foreign donations from Saudi Arabia. As the name signifies the International Islamic University is a center of Islam, theology, and Islamic studies. It has also stood first in Pakistan in terms of the female to male ratio and percentage of international students. The International Islamic University is stretched over 704 acres.


There are two campuses of IIUI

  • Olde Campus – Near Faisal Mosque
  • New Campus – At Sector Islamabad’s H-10

Offered Programs

Following programs are offered at International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI)

Undergraduate Programs

IIUI offers 44 undergraduate programs which are given below

  • BBA (Hons)
  • BBA ITM (Hons)
  • BTech Mechanical
  • BTech Electrical
  • BTech Civil
  • BS Civil Engineering
  • BS Electrical Technology
  • BS Software Engineering
  • BS Electronic Engineering
  • BS Mechanical Engineering
  • BS Biotechnology
  • BS Anthropology
  • Associate Degree in Education ADE
  • BS Education
  • BS Computer Science (BSCS)
  • BS Information Technology
  • BBA-2 Years
  • BS Islamic Studies
  • BA Shariah (Hons)
  • BS Statistics
  • BS Islamic Banking And Finance
  • BS Economics
  • BS Accounting and Finance
  • BS Physics
  • BS Mathematics
  • BS Psychology (Hons)
  • BS Bioinformatics (Hons)
  • BS Biology
  • LLB Shariah & Law (Hons)
  • BS Economics & Finance
  • BS Sociology
  • BS Media & Communication
  • BS International Relations
  • BS Political Science
  • BS Environmental Science
  • BS Arabic (Hons)
  • BS Translation & Interpretation
  • BS Arabic
  • BS English
  • BS Persian Language & Literature
  • BS Urdu (Hons)
  • BS Pakistan Studies
  • BS Persian (Hons)
  • BS History (Hons)

Masters Programs

More than 55 programs are offered at the Masters level. Following are the Masters Programs offer by International Islamic University Islamabad

  • MA Persian
  • MSc International Relations
  • MA Media & Communication
  • MS Natural Science
  • MS Bioinformatics
  • MA Usuluddin Islamic Studies
  • MSc Health & Safety Environment
  • MA Education
  • MEd
  • MBA Marketing
  • MBA Management & Entrepreneurship
  • MBA ITM Telecom Management
  • MBA IT Project Management
  • MBA Executive
  • MS Software Engineering
  • MSc Management
  • MS Technology Management
  • MBA Business Administration
  • MBA Human Resource Management
  • Master in Supply Chain Management
  • MS Management & Entrepreneurship
  • MS Technology Management
  • MBA
  • MS Electrical
  • MS Electronic Engineering
  • MS English
  • MSc Anthropology
  • MS Translation Studies
  • MSc Psychology
  • MSc Physics
  • MSc Physics
  • MSc Mathematics
  • MA Islamic
  • LLB
  • MS Economics & Finance
  • MA Urdu
  • MS Arabic
  • MA Persian
  • MA History
  • MSc Statistics
  • MSc Statistics
  • MSc Economics
  • MSc Economics & Finance
  • MS Econometrics
  • MSc Islamic Banking & Finance
  • MBA Finance
  • MSc Media & Mass Communication
  • MA Political Science
  • MSc Sociology
  • MS Sociology
  • MA International Relations
  • MA Political Science
  • MA English
  • MA Pak Studies
  • MA Arabic
  • MS Persian language Literature
  • MS Urdu
  • MS Arabic Literature & Linguistics

MPhil Programs

MPhil programs offered for IIUI Admissions 2021 are listed below

  • MS Finance
  • MS Islamic Commercial Law
  • MS Marketing
  • MS Biotechnology
  • MS Mechanical Engineering
  • MS Electrical Engineering
  • MS Management Science
  • MS Supply Chain Management
  • MS Education
  • LLM Shairah (Islamic Law & Jurisprudence) (3 Years)
  • MS Shairah (Islamic Law & Jurisprudence) (3 Years)
  • MS Usuluddin islamic Studies
  • MS Computer Science (MSCS)
  • MS Political Science
  • MS Media & Communication
  • MS Mathematics
  • MS Psychology
  • MS Physics
  • MS Environmental Science
  • MS Translation Studies
  • MS Statistics
  • LLM
  • MS Pakistan Studies
  • MS History
  • MS Urdu

Ph.D. Programs

Ph.D. Programs offered by International Islamic University Islamabad are following

  • Ph.D. Econometrics
  • Ph.D. Economics
  • Ph.D. English
  • Ph.D. Urdu
  • Ph.D. Arabic literature & linguistics
  • Ph.D. History
  • Ph.D. Pakistan Studies
  • Ph.D. Law
  • Ph.D. Islamic Banking & Finance
  • Ph.D. Finance, Marketing & Management
  • Ph.D. Statistics
  • Ph.D. Political Science
  • Ph.D. Sociology
  • Ph.D. Media & Communication
  • Ph.D. International Relations
  • Ph.D. Environmental Science
  • Ph.D. Mathematics
  • Ph.D. Natural Science
  • Ph.D. Physics
  • Ph.D. Economics
  • Ph.D. Computer Science
  • Ph.D. Technology Management
  • Ph.D. Usuluddin Islamic Studies
  • Ph.D. Islamic Studies
  • Ph.D. Education
  • Ph.D. Software Engineering
  • Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
  • Ph.D. Electronic Engineering
  • Ph.D. Biotechnology
  • Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
  • Ph.D. Shairah (Islamic Law & Jurisprudence) 3 Years

Other Programs

  • Certificate in Quran-e-Majeed Reading Course
  • Certificate in Hadees Reading Course
  • Certificate in Islamic Knowledge Course
  • Diploma in Shariah & Law
  • Diploma in Associate Engineering Computer IT
  • Diploma in Associate Engineering
  • Diploma in Associate Engineering Civil
  • Diploma in Associate Engineering Mechanical
  • Diploma in Associate Engineering Electrical
  • Diploma in Associate Engineering Electronics
  • Diploma in Associate Engineering Auto & Diesel
  • Diploma in Associate Engineering Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship
  • Certificate in Guldasta Course
  • Certificate in English Language Course
  • Certificate in Spoken English
  • Certificate in IELTS
  • Certificate in TOEFL
  • Certificate in English Linguistics
  • Certificate in English Literature
  • Certificate in the Arabic Language
  • Certificate in Chinese
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance
  • Diploma in English
  • Certificate in Urdu
  • Diploma in Arabic
  • Certificate in Arabic
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Urdu

Note: As per HEC order 2020 no university is allowed to offer 2 years of MSc and BSc, therefore IIUI is also not offering these programs.

Students with Awaiting Results

The candidates who are waiting for their results also can apply for admission to undergraduate programs. Such students have to submit an undertaking stating that they will submit the overall passed result of the required degree by July 30, 2021. However, if they fail any subject or fail to secure the minimum required marks/CGPA their admission will be canceled without any further notice. The students who are waiting for their results cannot apply to MS, LLM, and Ph.D. programs.

Entry Test

All candidates have to pass the university’s own entry test to get admission in undergraduate, MS, Ph.D., and postgraduate programs. the Entry test qualified students will be interviewed. Candidates for BS and LLB are exempted from interviews. For LLB admission candidate has to qualify HEC law test with a minimum of 50% marks. Moreover for admission in engineering programs of international Islamic University ECAT is required. You can check details here

Merit Calculation

For Undergraduate Programs

For undergraduate programs of International Islamic University, Islamabad merit will be calculated by the following formula

  • Academic Qualificaton – 40%
  • Admission Test – 60%

Note: Academic qualification means matric and intermediate result but currently, students do not have intermediate results therefore only 40% of matric result’s weightage will be included.


The following will be the merit formula for MBA/MS/LLM/Ph.D. at International Islamic University Islamabad

  • Acadamic Qualification – 30%
  • Admission Test – 50%
  • Interview – 20%

Fee Structure

The fee structure of International Islamic University Islamabad for different programs is given below

International Islamic University Islamabad – IIUI BS Programs Fee Structure 2021

Degree – ProgramDurationFee/Year
BS – Anthropology4 Years75000
BS (HONS) – Arabic4 Years37200
BS (HONS) – Bioinformatics4 Years147200
BS – Biology4 Years147200
BS – Biotechnology4 Years147200
BBA (H) – Business Administration4 Years176000
BS – Civil4 Years226400
B.TECH – Civil Technology4 Years118200
BS – Commerce4 Years77000
BS – Computer Science4 Years125600
B.Sc. [Hons] – Economics4 Years77000
BS – Economics & Finance4 Years77000
BS – Education4 Years77000
ADE – Education2 Years82200
B.ED – Education1 Year66800
B.ED (HONS) – Education [elementary]4 Years82200
B.ED (HONS) – Education [secondary]4 Years82200
BS – Electrical4 Years172400
B.TECH – Electrical Technology4 Years118200
BS (HONS) – English4 Years77000
BS – Environmental Sciences4 Years125600
BS – Finance & Accounting4 Years176000
BS (HONS) – History4 Years75000
BS – Information Technology4 Years125600
BBA-ITM [HONS] – Information Technology Management4 Years176000
BS – International Relations4 Years75000
BS – Islamic Art & ArchitectureYears75000
BS – Islamic Banking & Finance4 Years77000
LLB – Law3 Years140400
BS – Mathematics4 Years77000
BS – Mechanical4 Years172400
B.TECH – Mechanical Technology4 Years118200
BS – Media & Communication4 Years75000
BS – Pakistan Studies4 Years75000
BS (HONS) – Persian4 Years37200
BS – Physics4 Years116600
BS – Political Science4 Years75000
BS – Project Management4 Years77000
BS (HONS) – Psychology4 Years75000
LLB [HONS] – Shariah & Law5 Years45200
BS – Sociology4 Years75000
BS – Software Engineering4 Years125600
BS – Statistics4 Years77000
BS – Translation & Interpretation (Arabic)4 Years64000
BS – Translation & Interpretation (English)4 Years64000
BS (HONS) – Urdu4 Years37200
BA [HONS] – Usuluddin [islamic Studies]4 Years37200

International Islamic University Islamabad – IIUI MA, MSc Programs Fee Structure 2021

Degree – ProgramDurationFee/Year
M.Sc. – Anthropology2 Years74400
MA – Arabic2 Years42500
MBA [EXE] – Business Administration2 Years176000
M.Sc. – Economics2 Years98400
M.Sc. – Economics & Finance2 Years100400
MA – Education2 Years74400
MA – English2 Years80600
MA – History2 Years74400
M.Sc. – International Relations2 Years74400
MA – Islamic Art & Architecture2 Years74400
M.Sc. – Islamic Banking & Finance2 Years100400
M.Sc. – Mathematics2 Years80600
MA – Media & Communication2 Years74400
MA – Pakistan Studies2 Years74400
MA – Persian2 Years42500
M.Sc. – Physics2 Years125600
MA – Political Science2 Years74400
M.Sc. – Psychology2 Years74400
M.Sc. – Statistics2 Years80600
MA – Urdu2 Years42500

International Islamic University Islamabad – IIUI MS, MPhil Programs Fee Structure 2021

Degree – ProgramDurationFee/Year
MS – Arabic2 Years51700
MS – Bio-science2 Years110000
MS – Bioinformatics2 Years122000
MS – Biotechnology2 Years122000
MBA – Business Administration1.5 Years176000
MBA – Business Administration3.5 Years176000
MBA [EXE] – Business Administration2 Years176000
MS – Chemistry2 Years110000
MS – Computer Science2 Years141200
LLM – Corporate Law2 Years148800
MS – Economics2 Years110000
MS – Economics & Finance2 Years110000
MS – Education2 Years82800
MS – Electrical2 Years160400
MS – English2 Years110000
MS – Environmental Sciences2 Years110000
MS – Finance2 Years113200
MS – Finance, Marketing & Management2 Years83800
MS – History2 Years82800
LLM – Human Rights Law2 Years148800
LLM – International Law2 Years148800
MS – International Relations2 Years82800
LLM – International Trade Law2 Years148800
M.Phil. – Islamic Banking & Finance2 Years110000
LLM – Islamic Commercial Law2 Years51700
MS – Management Sciences2 Years162400
MS – Marketing2 Years113200
MS – Mathematics2 Years122000
MS – Mechanical2 Years160400
MS – Media & Communication2 Years82800
MS – Muslim Family Law2 Years51700
MS – Natural Sciences2 Years59600
MS – Pakistan Studies2 Years82800
MS – Persian2 Years51700
MS – Physics2 Years104000
MS – Political Science2 Years82800
MS – Psychology2 Years82800
MS – Shariah & Law2 Years51700
MS – Sociology2 Years82800
MS – Software Engineering2 Years141200
MS – Statistics2 Years122000
MSCM – Supply Chain Management2 Years162400
MS – Technology Management2 Years113200
MS – Translation Studies2 Years51700
MS – Urdu2 Years51700
MS – Usuluddin [Islamic Studies]2 Years51700

International Islamic University Islamabad – IIUI PhD Programs Fee Structure 2021

Degree – ProgramDurationFee/Year
Ph.D. – Arabic3 Years51700
Ph.D. – Bio-science3 Years122000
Ph.D. – Biotechnology3 Years122000
Ph.D. – Chemistry3 Years122000
Ph.D. – Computer Science4 Years122000
Ph.D. – Economics4 Years98600
Ph.D. – Education3 Years98600
Ph.D. – Electrical3 Years127400
Ph.D. – English4 Years98600
Ph.D. – Environmental Sciences3 Years122000
Ph.D. – Finance, Marketing & Management3 Years83700
Ph.D. – History3 Years98600
Ph.D. – International Relations3 Years98600
Ph.D. – Islamic Banking & Finance3 Years98600
Ph.D. – Law3 Years120000
Ph.D. – Management Sciences2 Years140900
Ph.D. – Mathematics3 Years122000
Ph.D. – Mechanical3 Years127400
Ph.D. – Media & Communication3 Years98600
Ph.D. – Physics3 Years113000
Ph.D. – Political Science3 Years98600
Ph.D. – Shariah & Law4 Years35800
Ph.D. – Sociology3 Years98600
Ph.D. – Software Engineering3 Years122000
Ph.D. – Statistics3 Years122000
Ph.D. – Urdu3 Years51700
Ph.D. – Usuluddin [islamic Studies]4 Years51700

IIUI Scholarships

If you cannot afford the above fee structure of International Islamic University Islamabad then you can apply for scholarships offered by the university. IIUI offers more than 30 scholarships, both internal and external for students’ aid. Candidates can apply for scholarships after securing admission to the university. These Scholarships include Ehsaas Scholarships, HEC Need-Based Scholarships, and Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal Scholarships. You can check the detail of each scholarship on the official website or here


International Islamic University Islamabad – IIUI BS Programs Merit

Degree – ProgramDurationFee/YearMerit
BS – Anthropology4 Years75000NA
BS (HONS) – Arabic4 Years3720050
BS (HONS) – Bioinformatics4 Years14720050
BS – Biology4 Years147200NA
BS – Biotechnology4 Years147200NA
BBA (H) – Business Administration4 Years17600050
BS – Civil4 Years22640050
B.TECH – Civil Technology4 Years118200NA
BS – Commerce4 Years77000NA
BS – Computer Science4 Years12560050
B.Sc. [Hons] – Economics4 Years7700050
BS – Economics & Finance4 Years77000NA
BS – Education4 Years7700050
ADE – Education2 Years82200NA
B.ED – Education1 Year66800NA
B.ED (HONS) – Education [elementary]4 Years82200NA
B.ED (HONS) – Education [secondary]4 Years82200NA
BS – Electrical4 Years17240050
B.TECH – Electrical Technology4 Years118200NA
BS (HONS) – English4 Years7700050
BS – Environmental Sciences4 Years125600NA
BS – Finance & Accounting4 Years176000NA
BS (HONS) – History4 Years7500050
BS – Information Technology4 Years125600NA
BBA-ITM [HONS] – Information Technology Management4 Years17600050
BS – International Relations4 Years75000NA
BS – Islamic Art & ArchitectureYears75000NA
BS – Islamic Banking & Finance4 Years77000NA
LLB – Law3 Years140400NA
BS – Mathematics4 Years7700050
BS – Mechanical4 Years172400NA
B.TECH – Mechanical Technology4 Years118200NA
BS – Media & Communication4 Years75000NA
BS – Pakistan Studies4 Years75000NA
BS (HONS) – Persian4 Years3720050
BS – Physics4 Years116600NA
BS – Political Science4 Years75000NA
BS – Project Management4 Years77000NA
BS (HONS) – Psychology4 Years7500050
LLB [HONS] – Shariah & Law5 Years4520050
BS – Sociology4 Years75000NA
BS – Software Engineering4 Years125600NA
BS – Statistics4 Years77000NA
BS – Translation & Interpretation (Arabic)4 Years64000NA
BS – Translation & Interpretation (English)4 Years64000NA
BS (HONS) – Urdu4 Years3720050
BA [HONS] – Usuluddin [islamic Studies]4 Years3720050

International Islamic University Islamabad – IIUI MA MSc Programs Merit

Degree – ProgramDurationMerit
M.Sc. – Anthropology2 YearsNA
MA – Arabic2 YearsNA
MBA [EXE] – Business Administration2 YearsNA
M.Sc. – Economics2 Years50
M.Sc. – Economics & Finance2 Years50
MA – Education2 Years50
MA – English2 Years50
MA – History2 YearsNA
M.Sc. – International Relations2 Years50
MA – Islamic Art & Architecture2 YearsNA
M.Sc. – Islamic Banking & Finance2 Years50
M.Sc. – Mathematics2 Years50
MA – Media & Communication2 YearsNA
MA – Pakistan Studies2 YearsNA
MA – Persian2 YearsNA
M.Sc. – Physics2 YearsNA
MA – Political Science2 YearsNA
M.Sc. – Psychology2 YearsNA
M.Sc. – Statistics2 YearsNA
MA – Urdu2 YearsNA

International Islamic University Islamabad – IIUI MS Programs Merit

Degree – ProgramDurationMerit
MS – Arabic2 Years50
MS – Bio-science2 YearsNA
MS – Bioinformatics2 YearsNA
MS – Biotechnology2 YearsNA
MBA – Business Administration1.5 YearsNA
MBA – Business Administration3.5 YearsNA
MBA [EXE] – Business Administration2 YearsNA
MS – Chemistry2 YearsNA
MS – Computer Science2 YearsNA
LLM – Corporate Law2 YearsNA
MS – Economics2 Years50
MS – Economics & Finance2 YearsNA
MS – Education2 Years50
MS – Electrical2 YearsNA
MS – English2 Years50
MS – Environmental Sciences2 Years50
MS – Finance2 Years50
MS – Finance, Marketing & Management2 Years50
MS – History2 YearsNA
LLM – Human Rights Law2 YearsNA
LLM – International Law2 YearsNA
MS – International Relations2 YearsNA
LLM – International Trade Law2 YearsNA
M.Phil. – Islamic Banking & Finance2 Years60
LLM – Islamic Commercial Law2 YearsNA
MS – Management Sciences2 YearsNA
MS – Marketing2 Years50
MS – Mathematics2 Years50
MS – Mechanical2 YearsNA
MS – Media & Communication2 YearsNA
MS – Muslim Family Law2 YearsNA
MS – Natural Sciences2 YearsNA
MS – Pakistan Studies2 YearsNA
MS – Persian2 Years50
MS – Physics2 YearsNA
MS – Political Science2 YearsNA
MS – Psychology2 YearsNA
MS – Shariah & Law2 YearsNA
MS – Sociology2 YearsNA
MS – Software Engineering2 Years50
MS – Statistics2 YearsNA
MSCM – Supply Chain Management2 YearsNA
MS – Technology Management2 Years50
MS – Translation Studies2 YearsNA
MS – Urdu2 Years50
MS – Usuluddin [islamic Studies]2 Years50

International Islamic University Islamabad – IIUI PhD Programs Merit

Degree – ProgramDurationMerit
Ph.D. – Arabic3 Years50
Ph.D. – Bio-science3 YearsNA
Ph.D. – Biotechnology3 YearsNA
Ph.D. – Chemistry3 YearsNA
Ph.D. – Computer Science4 Years50
Ph.D. – Economics4 Years50
Ph.D. – Education3 YearsNA
Ph.D. – Electrical3 YearsNA
Ph.D. – English4 Years50
Ph.D. – Environmental Sciences3 YearsNA
Ph.D. – Finance, Marketing & Management3 YearsNA
Ph.D. – History3 YearsNA
Ph.D. – International Relations3 YearsNA
Ph.D. – Islamic Banking & Finance3 YearsNA
Ph.D. – Law3 YearsNA
Ph.D. – Management Sciences2 YearsNA
Ph.D. – Mathematics3 YearsNA
Ph.D. – Mechanical3 YearsNA
Ph.D. – Media & Communication3 YearsNA
Ph.D. – Physics3 YearsNA
Ph.D. – Political Science3 YearsNA
Ph.D. – Shariah & Law4 Years50
Ph.D. – Sociology3 YearsNA
Ph.D. – Software Engineering3 YearsNA
Ph.D. – Statistics3 YearsNA
Ph.D. – Urdu3 YearsNA
Ph.D. – Usuluddin [islamic Studies]4 Years50

How to Apply?

Following is the procedure to apply at International Islamic University

  • Go to
  • Login and submit online application form.
  • Print Bank Challan.
  • Make payment in designated bank as per challan.
  • Enter date of payment, name of bank and branch code at designated place on the form and submit.
  • Keep visiting your profile and IIUI website for updates.
  • Candidate for MS / PhD must attach scanned copy of his final transcript / degree.
  • Candidate for PhD must attach a research proposal / personal statement of 02 pages.

Documents Required

For IIUI Admissions 2021 following documents will be required once you will be selected

  • Attested photocopies of all academic certificate (one set)
  • Five Photographs
  • Original Fee Slip (Academics Copy)
  • Copy of Admission Offer Letter
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) for employee only
  • Must bring original documents alongwith at the time of joining
  • Undertaking on stamp

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is International Islamic University Co-education?

International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) will continue with Islamic character and not adopt a co-education system even in the face of pressing needs, says the President of the university, Dr. Anwar Hussain Siddiqui. He also added that IIUI will not adopt a co-education system.

Is Islamic University private or government?

International Islamic University is a public sector university. The university’s all programs and departments are recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC). The university is the center of Islamic studies and theology.

How many students are in International Islamic University?

International Islamic University is one of the largest universities in Pakistan. Every year a large number of students apply here for getting an admirable education.
28,000 to 30,000
16,000 to 18,000
10,000 to 12,000
Doctoral students
400 to 500

When was International Islamic University established?

IIUI was established in 1980 near Faisal Masjid, the land donated by the Saudi King. Now IIUI also has another campus in Sector H-10 Islamabad. IIUI is growing continuously and achieving success by the period of time. It is one of the most influential universities in Pakistan.


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