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Before going to the guide How to apply for the CSC Scholarship or How to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship, we will go through some other important information that is mandatory to know for newbies.

You will get a complete guide from Preparation to Apply under this guide for International Students.

What is CSC Scholarship?

You might hear this opportunity by your friends or have heard about it and wonder that, what type of this Scholarship is? CSC stands for China Scholarships Council and this scholarship is offered by the cooperation of the Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) department of China.

So, this is the opportunity for those who are eager to visit China for their academic needs or academic research purpose. Every year, this scholarship program is available to almost 270+ countries around the globe and this year the total number of scholarships being offered to students was 20,000+.

Worth of CSC Scholarship

It is really a worth to get Admission in top universities of the China that are offering CSC Scholarships in 2021-22. You have a chance to study in the world’s top-ranked universities because there are some institutions that have World Ranking under 100 and also offering CSC Scholarship 2021-22.

Along with a quality degree, you would also be awarded financially. Here are the details of stipend that you would receive if you get selected by the Chinese Government Scholarship,

  • Stipend for Undergraduate Programs: CNY 2500 RMB (monthly along with Free Tuition and Free Accommodation)
  • Stipend for Masters Programs: CNY 3000 RMB (monthly along with Free Tuition and Free Accommodation)
  • Stipend for Doctoral Programs: CNY 3500 RMB (monthly along with Free Tuition and Free Accommodation)

Acceptance Letter for CSC Scholarship 2021-22

As per its name, it is clear that it is some kind of letter that must be to be get accepted for Scholarship. Getting admission without Acceptance Letter is too much difficulty with the CSC Scholarship.

This letter is issued by the Chinese Professor. For a moment assume that you wanna get admission to Tianjin University or Peking University. And, you want to choose the course of Civil Engineering or let say Computer Science. So, after choosing the related study course and the institution you have to search the Professor which is related to your research on the website of that institution.

Let’s suppose, you have selected Chemical Engineering at Tsinghua University. So, to get the acceptance letter you would have to go to the website of Tsinghua University and there you have to choose the course of Chemical Engineering. And, then see the Professors related to the research of Chemical Engineering.

After choosing the professor just copy the Email ID of that professor and send him/her the email about the Acceptance Letter. Convince him to give you the Acceptance Letter. For more, we will write another article about the best Sample of Email Id to send to your Chinese Professor to get the Acceptance Letter.

Is Acceptance letter mandatory?

You can also apply without getting an acceptance letter but your chance of getting accepted at University would be very low. It is not mandatory to get an acceptance letter but we will suggest you get it so that your chance of selection can be more and more. But for some universities, it is mandatory to get the Acceptance Letter.

Although some professors can recommend you and some universities will accept you without an acceptance letter but it is worthy to be noted that to get a scholarship in Prestigious Institute and famous Universities, it is necessary.

How to get Acceptance Letter for CSC Scholarship?

Here is the short but note-worthy guide to get Acceptance Letter for this opportunity (CSC Scholarship)

  • Choose the Course and Institution
  • Find the Professor
  • Contact the professor to get a Letter
  1. Choose the Course and Institution: To get the Acceptance Letter you first have to choose the course of your studies and at second choose the institution in which you wanna get admission in that particular course.
  2. Find the Professor: Find the right professor as per your course studies research. Browse the website of the university that you have selected and find the professor.
  3. Contact the professor to get a Letter: To contact your chosen professor you must have to browse the website of that Institute that you selected for Faculty Members and there should be the contact details of the professor. Check there the Email ID also if there is and send him/her a well-written email for Acceptance Letter

Prepare and gather all of your required Document

You have to prepare and gather all of your educational required documents so that you may be able to attach the documents such as curriculum-vitae, your CV.

Which Documents are required to apply for CSC Scholarship?

You have to go to the website of your institution, the University where you want to get admission, which documents are required, and which documents are not mandatory.  Also, you can explore the advertisement for that scholarship. But here I am providing the complete list of Documents required generally for all universities to apply for CSC Scholarship.

Required Documents for CSC Scholarship 2021-22

  • Study plan or research proposal
  • Passport of your country of residence
  • Two pieces of Recommendation Letters
  • English Proficiency Certificate or HSK Certificate
  • Physical Medical Examination Form
  • Notarized Previous year degree
  • Notarized previous year transcript
  • Curriculum-Vitae (CV), Resume
  • No Criminal Record (Police Clearance Certificate)

Additional Documents required for CSC Scholarships

  • Matric (10th-grade degree) and Intermediate Degrees (12th-grade degree)
  • IELTS/TOEFL (Mandatory to get admission in top-ranked universities in China)
  • Acceptance Letter

Here I am gonna provide a little description about every document that is required to apply for CSC Scholarship program.

  1. Study plan/ Research proposal/ Motivational Letter: Write an impressive but short Study Plan to apply for this scholarship program. Writing 1-2 pages of Research proposal would be enough but keep in mind also every University may have different criteria.
  2. Passport: Get your passport first before you are going to apply for the CSC Scholarship. It is mandatory in every university to apply for this scholarship program. Also, it takes some time to get a passport. So, it is wise to apply for this, first of all.
  3. Recommendation Letters: 2 pieces of Recommendation Letters are required to apply for the CSC Scholarship. You can get these letters from your previous Institue attended teachers. Keep in mind that both letters must be from different Teachers not from the same. If the University has asked you to send Hard-Copy of these Recommendation Letters also then make a copy of these and then send.
  4. English Proficiency Certificate: English Proficiency Certificate or HSK is also required. If you have passed HSK-Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (Chinese Proficiency Test) level 2-3 then this is really great otherwise go to your University from where you have recently passed your degree and ask them to give you an English Proficiency Certificate. It is not a big deal or much difficult to get.
  5. Notarizing Degree and Transcript: Notarizing is a legal process just like the Attestation of the Documents. You may go to any Lawyer who is able to notarize the documents or Notary Public Office to get the service for your Degree and Transcript. Read the complete details in the FAQ section if you have not received a degree yet.
  6. No Criminal Record: It is mandatory to prove to them that you do not have any criminal record in your country. It must be fresh, not 2 or 3 years old.
  7. Passport size Pictures: You need to have your passport size pictures also. Mostly in China, White Background for the pictures is recommended. You must have in both Hard-form and Soft-form.
  8. Physical Examination Medical Form: You have to take a complete medical test from the laboratory and fill the information accordingly in form. Download Medical Examination Form from here. After filling it correctly, take it to your District Hospital to get it attested by the Doctor.

Here is another complete guide about Preparing Documents for CSC Scholarship

Create Professional & Eye-Catching CV

To get a higher chance of getting a CSC scholarship and to get an acceptance letter you first have to design your professional CV.  You can also get your professional CV design by hiring any freelancer who is buying your CV from shops. Getting a high quality and eye-catching CV increases and boosts Your chances to get an acceptance letter. 

A CV should look like-it grabs the attention of viewers. Create a professional CV design because it will help you a lot to get selected for a CSC scholarship.

You can find many online websites where you can get Professional CV designs and templates, so go for them now. Examples of websites to get the best and Pro CV designs are,

How do I apply for the CSC Scholarship?

After fulfilling all requirements and documents you have to apply for CSC scholarship via the Portal they have launched officially on their website. Follow the guideline below to apply online, There are two steps to apply successfully for CSC Scholarship,

  1. Apply for Scholarship on CSC Official Website
  2. Apply to your specific University’s Online Admission Portal.

First we discuss, how I can apply on CSC Website?

Apply on CSC Official Website

  1. Create an account here on CSC Scholarship official website portal
  2. After creating an account and signing in, select Online Application to start the process.
  3. Find Chinese Universities Agency Number from here. First, you have to choose one University which is offering your required programs and then search the Agency Number of that University by opening the link that we provided earlier.
  4. Fill the following sections in the application,
    • Personal Information
    • Education and Employment Information
    • Language Proficiency and Study Plan
    • Contact Details
  5. Upload all of your prepared necessary documents in the Supporting Documents section.
  6. Submit your CSC Scholarship application online
  7. Take a print of it and signed it with the date mention on it. After this convert it to Soft-Form by any scanner either with the help of Mobile Camera Scanning Services or Hardware Scanner because you have to upload it to University Admission Portal also.

Apply on University Admission Portal

  1. After selecting the University, find the Online Admission Portal of that University.
  2. Create an account over that portal.
  3. Start a new application under CSC Scholarship from the menu.
  4. Upload your Supporting Documents
  5. Upload your Scanned Application Form which was taken out as print from CSC official website.
  6. Submit your application to the University successfully.

After this, if you have to submit the Hard-Copy of the documents also then you should use TCS or DHL service because both of these are good in China. Make sure that you have included all the documents and the University Address is correct before sending them.

I hope You find this article best. If you really liked this article then please share this article with your friends also. And, also do not forget to share our website if you find it helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs about CSC Scholarship

Is it easy to get Scholarship in China?

Yes, but it may depend upon the University and Program in which you are going to take admission. If your concern is to get admission to a specific program regardless of the University then it is easy to get CSC Scholarship in China. However, taking admission in China Top-Ranked Universities is still difficult.

What is the deadline of CSC Scholarship 2021?

Actually, the deadline usually varies from university to university. But, generally deadline for CSC Scholarship is 30th April of every year. But, there some universities who accept even after 30th April.

What is the Age Requirement for Undergraduate Programs for CSC Scholarship?

The age requirement for Undergraduate Programs (Bachelors Degree) is 25 years. Students old from 25 years would be ineligible to apply in Undergraduate Programs for CSC Scholarship.

What is the Age Requirement for Masters Programs for CSC Scholarship?

The age requirement for Masters Programs is 35 years. Students old from 35 years would be ineligible to apply in Masters Programs for CSC Scholarship.

What is the Age Requirement for the Doctoral Programs for CSC Scholarship?

The age requirement for the Doctoral (Ph.D.) program is 40 years. Students old from 40 years would be ineligible to apply in Doctoral (Ph.D.) Programs for CSC Scholarship.

Is IELTS/TOEFL required to apply for CSC Scholarship?

No, most probably it is not required to apply for CSC Scholarship. But it is mandatory to provide a good score if you are are going to apply in top-ranked universities in China. Usually, English Proficiency Certificate is enough to provide.

How to apply if I have not received my degree yet?

If your degree has completed but not yet received it then you may apply on the base of Provisional Certificate. And, if your degree is not yet complete then you may apply on the base of Hope Certificate. Also, be sure that you must get your degree before the end of August because it is mandatory while getting a Visa.

Can I work in China while studying?

Yes, you can work now in China while studying. It was not allowed first but now it is made easy for the students, just students have to take No Objection Certificate (NOC) from supervisor and also get X1 visa if your stay in china is larger than 6 months and get X2 visa if your tenure of stay is shorter than 6 months.

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      Yes, Applications for CSC Scholarships 2021 are now open in Tsinghua University under CSC Scholarship Round 1.

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      Yes, you are eligible and you can apply for CSC Scholarship. There a lot of countries in CSC list, almost 280. Nigerian Students, African Students can apply for CSC Scholarship.

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    Thank you sir for providing such a helpful guide. It is really a complete information providing source. My CGPA is 3.1, can i get CSC?

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      Yes, you may apply. And, you will be awarded the CSC Scholarship if you apply in Low-Competition university. P.S: Do not try to target high-ranked universities.

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    • Edudictive

      If you have passed IELTS exam, then you may attach it while applying to any University under CSC. But, mostly IELTS is not a requirement but in top-ranked universities, it is. IELTS is not mandatory for CSC but if you have then it is your Plus-Point.

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      If you want to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship-CSC and you are seeing 3 categories then you should select category “B”.


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