There is a huge miss-conception going on by Google. When someone searches “Current Caliph of Islam” on Google it shows Mirza Masroor Ahmad. But, according to Islamic Caliphate, there is no current Caliph of Muslims. And, according to beloved Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) hadeeth, Islamic Caliphate will be 30 years after His reign.

And, if we look over the history. This caliphate of Islam contains following leaders,

  1. Hazrat Abubakar Saddiq (رضي الله عنه)
  2. Hazrat Umar Farooq (رضي الله عنه)
  3. Hazrat Usman Ghani (رضي الله عنه)
  4. Hazrat Imam Ali (كرم الله وجهه الكريم)
  5. Hazrat Imam Hassan (رضي الله عنه)

So, these are the Muslims Caliph according to Islamic Caliphate. There is no current Caliph of Islam.

Wikipedia as a Source

Wikipedia is showing Mirza Masroor Ahmad (کاذب) as the current caliph of Islam but it is not true. Although some changes are made in the Wikipedia Article to change its source as current caliph of Islam.

Waqar Zaka on his YouTube Channel also highlighted this mistake first and people are reporting this Rich Snippet of Google that contains Mirza Masroor Ahmad (کاذب) as a current caliph of Islam.

Twitter Trend against Current Caliph of Islam

In Pakistan, there is a top trend with “قادیانی خلیفہ نہیں کافر ہے ” on Twitter which translate as “Qadiyani is not a Caliph but infidel”.

Who is current Caliph of Islam?

There is no current Caliph of Islam according to Islamic Caliphate. Mirza Masroor Ahmad (کاذب) is not a Caliph of Islam because he belongs to Qadiyani Community which are not considered as Muslim in Islam.


  1. Usama Aslam

    تاجدارِ خاتم نبوّت زندہ باد۔
    Mirza masroor Qadiyani(he is a disbeliever). He is not the caliph of Islam coz he is a infidel.

  2. Fazal-u-Rehman

    Mirzai are cheap, brutal, mad, cheaters, cut their heads and kick every qadiani from Pakistan even from this world

  3. Amir aftab

    Mirza Masoor lanati is not the caliph of islam.he is only a son of Big 🐶 DOG.He is also big DOG.his mother and Father is also 🐶 s.

  4. Iqbal Hussain

    There is no caliph at present. Mirza is not only liar and kafir who cannot recite the arabic. What to say about him. i just say that he is worse than the dogs of our pious caliphs i.e. LOVELY HAZRAT ABU BAKR, HAZRAT UMAR, HAZRAT USMAN AND HAZRAT ALI. In the last i would invite all the qadyani and their leader to leave these unreal activities and enter in Islam in toto because we all to face and accountable to AL MIGHTY ALLAH.

  5. Niaz Ali

    Gulam Ahmad Khan is not khalifa of Islam this is ka Quaid yani not a muslaim.
    Please remove this information from Wikipedi thanks

  6. Ali Gillani

    Our current khalifa is Muhammad Maahdi (SW) .not Masroor Ahamad mirza hi is Cheetar

  7. Ehtisham

    I hate qadiani and I want to cut his head from his body

  8. Umer saqlain

    Hazrat Umer

  9. Asif Hussain

    He is just a big Liar (جھوٹا), not a caliph of Islam. He has no concern with the Muslim community.

  10. Mubeen Ali

    He is not khalifa of Islam..
    He is Qadiyani..
    Qadiyani is not Muslim.

  11. Junaid zafar

    He is not at all a Muslim this information is not authentic and he has nothing to do with Islam at all.

  12. Dilawer

    Mirza masror os not the current caliph of islam but he is a non muslim and a big fraud

  13. Mubeen Ahmad

    He is not muslim khalifa, he is a kafir, murtad, khanzeer.Remove his name from google this is wrong information.

  14. syed Ali A Bokhari

    He can’t be caliph of Muslims as his followers are less than even 1% of total muslim population. As such there is no caliph of Islam these days. Unfortunately Muslims are divided into groups and sects so there is no question of caliph of Islam as a whole.

  15. Shahzad

    Mirza masroor Ahmad is not caliph of Islam infect he is non-muslim I request to Google remove his name from Google this is wrong information

  16. Alia

    No its wrong.he is kafir..
    aazrat Ameer mavia is our present calipha.

    • Hafsa

      How come Ameer Muawiyah is present Caliph???

      • Habib

        Her comment is totally insensible. Muavia ain’t the caliph of Islam bruh

  17. Atif

    Mirza ahmad is not Muslim he is kafir murtad khanzeer

  18. M adnan

    these mirzai peoples are worse than dog worse than kafars plz do some more work to show realities of these pleet kafir people’s.

  19. Fasharif

    He is not Muslim Khalifa, he is a kafir, remove his name and stop posting unauthentic ( false) information


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