UNICEF Internship Program 2021 is now receiving applications from International Students. Students who want to pursue Undergraduate, Graduate, and Post Graduate programs should apply for this Internship Program.

Working in 190+ countries, UNICEF has provides fully-funded opportunity of internships for students who are willing to embark on a journey of knowledge and experiences.

This Internship Program will provide internships for International Students to improve their skills and add on their experiences.

UNICEF Internship Program 2021 offers programs with a duration of 6-26 weeks for International Students. Below is the list of internship details for UNICEF Internship Program 2021:

Internship Details

Host Country: Varies

Host institution: Varies

Level of study: Undergraduate, Graduate & Post Graduate

Scholarship Status: Fully Funded

Eligibility: All countries


Programs Available

UNICEF Internship Program 2021 provides many internship programs for International Students. Below is the list of available fields of internships:

  • International Professional
  • National Officer
  • General Service
  • Consultant and Individual Contractors

For a more detailed list of available field of studies Visit the Official Website.

Internship Worth

UNICEF Internship Program 2021 provides great internship benefits to International Students alongside full-tuition fee coverage, living expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses. Below is the list of internship benefits offered by this particular Internship Program:

  • Monthly Allowances (as per the internship place requirements)
  • Health Insurance
  • Travel Expenses

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this particular Internship Program you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Holding previous academic degrees (Undergraduate for graduate, graduate for Ph.D.)
  • Language Proficiency (English, French, Spanish)
  • Applicant should not be in relation to a UNICEF staff member (e.g., son/daughter, brother/sister, or mother/father).
  • Minimum age is 18

The UNICEF Internship Program 2021 offers Internships to students on the basis of their academic performances.

How to Apply for UNICEF Internship Program 2021

To apply for this particular Internship Program you should visit the Official Website (Link provided below) and apply through the online portal along with uploading the required documents. However, you should first look for any vacancies, then only apply for that internship program.

Following documents are required alongside Application Form:

  • Photo,
  • Updated C.V.,
  • Certified copy of certificates and academic transcripts,
  • Passport
  • Letters of recommendation

FAQs about UNICEF Internship Program 2021

How long is the UNICEF Internship Program 2021?

UNICEF Internship Program 2021 has designed this program for Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral Students that’s why the duration varies but is usually between 6 and 26 weeks.

Will UNICEF hire me after my internship?

You should have no expectation of employment at the end of an internship. However, interns are usually eligible to apply for some positions within UNICEF.


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