Punjab University BA BSC Exams Online
University of the Punjab

University of the Punjab is going to take BA, BSc Online exams start of August and students have to submit their data before appearing in the exams.

Following is the complete detail that you need to know about exams.

Exam Date

All exams of BA, BSc part 2 are starting from start of the August, and Punjab University already has uploaded date sheets for the students.

Exam date: August 05, 2020

Requirements for Online Exams

There are some requirements and PU has set criteria for the students. If you can not make these arrangements then you can also take exams in December by Traditional Method.

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Following are some requirements to take BA, BSc exams online,

  • Students must have a laptop (Windows 8.1 or above) or
  • A PC with camera (Windows 8.1 or above)
  • Strong Internet connection
  • Softwares installed (Google Meet & Safe Exams Browser)
  • A peaceful place (without any noise or other person)

If you can fulfill all the above-mentioned requirements then you can appear in Online Exams otherwise you can take exams via the Traditional Method that will be taken in December along with other exams.

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Steps to take PU BA, BSc Exams online

Following are the steps to take University of the Punjab BA, BSc exams online

  • Submit your data online
  • Register for exams
  • Fulfill requirements
  • Start preparing for exams

First of all, you have to submit your data online. Your data like Email Address, WhatsApp, and other necessary things is required. Following is the link where you have to submit your data online,

After you have submitted your data, you have to make all of the arrangements to take exams. All requirements are mentioned above. And, if you want to download the Safe Exam Browser then you can download from the button below

And, then at the date of the exam, you have to start a Video Chat on Google Meet with the examiner to show that there is no any helping material in your room or any other person. And, throughout the exam, you have to turn your camera on and the examiner will take a strict look upon you.

Before the exams, you will receive a link for the paper through Email Address that you registered earlier. And, after clicking on the link, you will be able to join the exams.

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Type of PU BA, BSc Exams

All exams will be the type of Multiple Choice Questions. There would be no subjective portion of the paper. So, you have to well prepare for it.

Do not have a Laptop or Internet for PU BA, BSC Exams?

If you do not have a laptop or internet facility then do not worry. You can skip these online exams and will be able to take exams with the Traditional Method in December.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I cheat in the PU Online Exams?

No way, Throughout the paper, examiners will take a look upon you. You have to start a Video Chat over Google Meet with the examiners before the commencement of the paper. All the time in the paper, you can not turn your camera off or you can not move from the desk.

What is the PU BA, BSc exams date?

University of the Punjab BA, BSc exams are being started from August 05, 2020.

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